There have been instances where it's hit him.

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    Devon456 10 months ago

    Moreover, as Styles was shown around EA's headquarters on 1st of January Madden 24 coins, he noticed massive banners of "Stars Wars,"" "FIFA" along with "Madden" cover artwork hanging in the lobby. Then, on walls dedicated to the cataloguing of the over 1500 games EA has released since its founding, and realized how his Madden cover would soon be displayed along with other titles he remembered playing growing up.


    It was unreal.


    Styles in his 6th year of full time artist, stated that he's trying to keep his focus on the next steps regarding other projects -- this year's calendar already includes collaborative projects with Topps, ESPN, NASCAR as well as the Chicago White Sox, the "Martin" reunion as well as EA -- and the marketing cycle leading to the release on August 19 of "Madden 24." in which he's hoping he might be able to bring some of it to Philly in the course of this summer.


    There have been instances where it's hit him.


    "Sometimes I'll sit back and think 'Hold up Man... f***in' Madden cover! That's massive!'" Styles said. "Then while at the same with all the things going on this moment, I'm aware that I need to remain focused on the projects that are in my path.


    "I am sure that I will be quite happy at the top of my game when that game arrives in the shop, at Walmart, my nephews and my cousins and also my friends are also celebrating along with me by playing the physical copy and playing the game."


    The gaming industry is brimming with regulars. Every year EA is a major force in the gaming industry, providing more choices in massive sports game franchises. NHL is getting another numbered entry, and of course the star of the show, Madden 24 arrives just in time for the beginning of the brand new NFL season. This year I was lucky enough to be a part of the Madden 24 Closed Beta, and luckier for fans, this entry seems to be a positive step for the franchise that is heading in the right direction although it's a small one cheap mut 24 coins.

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