Of course, one could always prepare for Diablo 4

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    Diablo 4's release date is set for June 6 Diablo 4 Gold, which leaves several months of empty gaming time for players to fill. Many other developers have stepped up in recent years and created some fun dungeon crawlers of their own, some of which were clearly inspired by Diablo and have a very similar feel to the series. Others may have taken a different approach to the genre in ways that should be experienced and appreciated. Here are a few suggestions for dungeon crawlers to enjoy in the coming months.


    In Curse of the Dead Gods players explore the dungeons of a cursed temple that is filled with traps and hordes of enemies. The art style has a bit of a cartoon feel to it despite the dark and cruel environment. The game offers a roguelike experience for players to keep trying again to get a little further with each attempt and gather currencies that can be used between runs. The fundamental gameplay in Curse of the Dead Gods is beginner-friendly but difficult to master.


    Book of Demons looks a lot like Diablo and offers a very similar plot, but it is actually a fantastically atypical approach to the genre otherwise. The gameplay is designed to feel as though players are inside a pop-up book and mixes in a deck-building mechanic to the combat. It feels very different from most dungeon crawlers, however, it is also very approachable and can offer an unusual take on the traditional dungeon crawl.


    Of course, one could always prepare for Diablo 4 by simply going back to playing its predecessor. Diablo 3 continues to offer players much to do even after beating the game, and its seasons give plenty of motivation to keep coming back. At the time of writing buy Diablo IV Gold, in what will be the penultimate season for the game, Season 28 can give fun Journey Rewards and cosmetics to anyone willing to take it on. Also, anyone who has not played Diablo 3 may enjoy learning a bit about Diablo's story prior to 4's release.

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